Mishna, Pe'ah 1:1


משנה, פאה א:א

Original Text:

אלו דברים שאין להם שיעור הפאה והבכורים והראיון וגמילות חסדים ותלמוד תורה אלו דברים שאדם אוכל פירותיהן בעולם הזה והקרן קיימת לו לעולם הבא כיבוד אב ואם וגמילות חסדים והבאת שלום בין אדם לחבירו ותלמוד תורה כנגד כולם:


These are the things for which there is no measure: the corner of the field [which is left for the poor], the first-fruits offering, the pilgrimage, acts of lovingkindness, and Torah learning. These are the things for which a person reaps the fruits in this world, and gets a reward in the world to come: honoring one's father and mother, acts of lovingkindness, and bringing peace between people. And the study of Torah is equal to them all.
[AJWS translation]

Suggested Discussion Questions:

1. In what ways are these five things not measurable? What do they all have in common?
2. What do the second of actions have in common? How is the study of Torah equal to them all?
3. What does this text teach us about what is expected of us? How can we incorporate these values into our deeds?

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