Joan Snyder, Statement on "Our Foremothers,"


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I would say that this is a feminist piece (made by a feminist, a Jew, and an American). The histories of the women in the Bible were nothing if not those of women ferociously pioneering for the rights of females. The print reflects those histories. They fought for, among other things, women’s right to own property, women’s inheritance rights, women’s struggle against abuse, and on and on. The print names names and then tells briefly the history of each woman mentioned in the Bible. I loved doing this print. I love celebrating our foremothers.

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Suggested Discussion Questions:

1. How would you respond to Snyder's understanding of the biblical foremothers? How do you view them or, rather, how were you raised viewing them?
2. To what degree are modern Jewish women "standing on the shoulders of giants?"

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