Source Sheet

Texts related to the need to learn and understand before taking action, and yet action leads to needing to know more. Also text on why social justice is such a "Jewish" thing to do.
Lessons from Moses
Lessons from Moses on becoming an effective actor for social change. Appropriate for adult learners.
How do we connect to the Sabbath? To nature? How do we find spirituality in a busy world? This discussion is being held outdoors at a Kabbalat Shabbat service for an independant minyan in Cleveland made up of young professionals.
Traditional Jewish thoughts on teachers and teaching
Jewish education texts as an example of using on1foot as a classroom tech tool to engage learners in creating meaningful student-centered text study.
The importance of education and its impact upon our mindset towards others.
From the Sources is designed by AJWS to facilitate holiday text study around issues of social justice. We invite you to engage in the texts and use them in your community to teach and take action.
Texts that speak to our obligation to educate our children and all children
A source sheet for a Text Study with Religious School teachers at the start of the year.
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