Dvar Torah

At Purim, Esther is made to "be prepared" to respond to a pending disaster in her community. Her message is enduring - that being prepared transcends to all potential calamities - including, of course, natural disasters.
A modern take on the plagues. Originally published for distribution on the Hazon CSA Listserve.
Lessons of Torah that influence our response in times of disaster.
A d'var torah about the importance of slow eating. Originally distributed on the Hazon CSA listserve.
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This D'var was given at Congregration Beth Shalom in Seattle by Talya Gillman in 2011. It uses the medical condition of skin disease to explore our obligation to assist others.

Offline Source Sheet

From the series "Healthcare in Jewish Thought and Jewish Law," taught by Eytan Yammer at Hebrew Institute of White Plains in November 2009:
Rabbi Charles Sheer Director, Department of Studies in Jewish Pastoral Care, Health Chaplaincy Sources from the Uri L'Tzedek beit midrash on Healthcare, End-of-Life Issues, and Global Health.
This source sheet was prepared by Jocelyn Berger for events sponsored by Pursue: Action for a Just World. Comments or questions, please contact Jocelyn at
Congregation Kehillat Yaakov August 1, 2009 Rabbi Ari Weiss
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