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R. Eleazar of Bertotha said: Give to God that which is God’s, for you and what you have are God’s; even so [we find it expressed] in [the case of] David, [when] he said: For all things come of You, and of Your own have we given You.
[Soncino translation]

רבי אלעזר איש ברתותא אומר תן לו משלו שאתה ושלך שלו וכן בדוד הוא אומר (דברי הימים א' כ"ט) כי ממך הכל ומידך נתנו לך.

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There are four types of character in people: 1) One that says, "Mine is mine, and yours is yours." This is a neutral type; some say this is a Sodom-type of character. 2) One that says, "Mine is yours and yours is mine," is an unlearned person. 3) One that says, "Mine is yours and yours is yours," is a pious person. 4) One that says, "Mine is mine, and yours is mine," is a wicked person.
[Soncino translation. Edited for gender neutrality]

ארבע מדות באדם האומר שלי שלי ושלך שלך זו מדה בינונית ויש אומרים זו מדת סדום שלי שלך ושלך שלי עם הארץ שלי שלך ושלך שלך חסיד שלי שלי ושלך שלי רשע:

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..If a professional doctor who practices medicine with the permission of the beit din (court of law) hurts someone—if the doctor did so by mistake, s/he is not liable; if on purpose, s/he is liable for the sake of tikkun ha’olam. [Translation by Rabbi Jill Jacobs]

….רופא אומן שריפא ברשות בית דין והזיק בשוגג פטור במזיד חייב מפני תיקון העולם

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