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I recently took part in the Torah L'Am course, run at JHub and facilitated by Maureen Kendler from the London School of Jewish Studies. As part of the course, I was tasked with creating a Dvar Torah on the text in Shemot (Exodus) where we first meet Moshe and witness his physical and emotional development.
A Passover D'var reflecting on family history and migration.
About the meaning of Hanukah and its message of response to the world in the aftermath of Natural Disasters. This is part of the on-gong series of Divrei Torah being published on the NECHAMA, Jewish Response to Disaster web site and subsequently sent to our e-mail community.
There is a midrash, a Rabbinic commentary, about the first winter that Adam and Eve experienced after the Garden of Eden. This ancient tale was a portent of the lights of Hanukkah, a holiday in which we traditionally light candles during the darkest point of winter.
A d'var torah about establishing a just society. Originally distributed on the Hazon CSA listserve.
This article appeared in the Huffington Post in May of 2011. It is a critique of our blindness towards homelessness and how it pertains to the Prophet Elijah, who often appears as a homeless man in Biblical stories.
Talya Gillman delivered this d'var to Congregation Beth Shalom (Seattle) on Yom Kippur 2011. It seeks to amplify the message of Isaiah's Haftorah, which asks us to turn our ritualistic fast into action by fighting injustice, cruelty and selfishness in the world. The d'var calls on us to consciously dedicate ourselves to empathy and "activated" compassion.
My "boomer" generation addressed many social issues. And we also left new issues for the next generation to solve.
A d'var torah about the importance of community infrastructure. Originally distributed on the Hazon CSA listserve.
Originally published on the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism's blog on 7/11/11
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