Conflict & Emergency

Offline Source Sheet

By Adina Levine/Rydzinski Self-Defense in American and Talmudic Law
By Rachel Rosenthal. Amalek as a foil to the Divine; eliminate Amalek, find redemption; re-envisioning Amalek.
In the aftermath of natural disaster (in this case the earthquake in Hati), this mekorot sheet with thought questions seeks to determine if there is a specific Jewish religious obligation to provide aid to non-Jews, or if it is merely human ethic mixed with enlightened self interest.
How do we treat their prisoners of war? The Eishet Y'fat Toar as a model. By Rachel Rosenthal.
Rachel Rosenthal - the ethical implications of Jewish warfare
A field sheet of definitions for discussion and prayers for use at the start and conclusion of a day of deployment.
A text study on the extents of our financial obligation to redeem captives originally presented at the Wexner Graduate Fellowship Summer Institute in 2006 by Noah Bickart.
Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz Halachic sources on gun control
This source sheet provides resources and ideas for students to become more active with regards to poverty and homelessness.
Text study about the Jewish responsibility to respond to the crisis in Sudan
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