Discrimination & Diversity

Source Sheet

Does Judaism mandate universal health care? Does a Jewish responsibility to heal the sick extend beyond other Jews?
This lesson engages participants in an in-depth exploration of a disagreement over Rabbi Akiva and Ben-Azzai over the true meaning of the Torah. It is based on a source from the Jerusalem Talmud, and adapted from a Hillel and Panim exercise.
The importance of education and its impact upon our mindset towards others.
From the Sources is a teaching resource developed by American Jewish World Service designed to help rabbis and Jewish educators engage in thoughtful text study with students and congregants. The source sheet teaches about human trafficking, sex work, and power through the story of Esther.
Judaism's ethical perspective on race and approach to diversity
For 7/19, Genesis 2012
What is the most effective way to protest? How do we address immoral leadership, objectification of women, etc. assuming collective responsibility?
A mix of surprising (and some not-so-surprising) Jewish directives in response to human need.
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