Discrimination & Diversity

Offline Source Sheet

Joey Pick's shiur on mitzvot for the hearing-impaired.
In 2009 JUFJ's Labor on the Bimah program focused on wage theft. This is a sheet of sources on that topic taken from the resource packet.
Dr. David I. Bernstein, Ph.D, Dean - Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies Uri L'Tzedek Beit Midrash, New York, NY February 17, 2010/ eve of 4 Adar 5770
The Biblical and Rabbinic Moral Constructions of the Other as Family, Enemy, Stranger, Self, and G-d. Shmuly Yanklowitz,Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun, March 28, 2009

Source Sheet

In much of traditional Jewish text, women are the Objects of men's attention, legislation, sexual longing, criticism, etc. A central element of women's empowerment is recognizing women as subjects, autonomous agents who are not defined or valued through their relationship with others, particularly men. Critical precedents for this perspective appear scattered throughout the text.
This source sheet explores a Mishna in Pirkei Avot and the benefits of (constructive) disagreement.
How do Jewish sources show our repsonsibility towards the human rights of those around us?
Mitvah of feeding the hungry
In Process sheet for Sunday morning 6th & 7th grade class
Towards whom does Judaism suggest that we have reponsibilities? In what areas do these apply?
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