Source Sheet

Part five of five text and discussion sheets included within the Jewish Guide to Fairtrade - which can be found in full here.
Texts on fair base wages and the universal responsibility to provide for one another
From the American Jewish World Service Education Module on, "Addressing Global Poverty: International Aid, Debt Relief, and Trade Justice"
These are sources of poverty in Haiti.
This is a source sheet for an adult education course I am teaching on labor rights in Jewish tradition. The idea is to introduce the subject by talking about how the history of the Jewish people in the United States is closely linked with the struggle for workers' rights.
Jewish texts related to poverty and homelessness
Study for Occupy Atlanta and what on earth are we doing HERE in this Sukkah? What does Judaism tell us about protesting Wall Street and being part of either the 1% or 99%?
Texts in response to hunger.
This source sheet explores different ways of prioritizing how we respond to people in need and argues that globalization obligates us to support people in developing countries.
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