Law & Business Ethics

Offline Source Sheet

This pack contains a Purim Spiel exercise to help teach older students about the significance of ethical business practices and to help them explore their own buying habits.
Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz Halachic sources on gun control
Sources in the Torah and Talmud about honesty in business. By Ari Hart, Uri L'Tzedek.
A text study connecting Rabbinic discussions on the Lulav to issues of global justice philanthropy.
A packet of the Torah sources behind Uri L'Tzedek's Tav haYosher campaign, which calls for ethical kashrut and the promotion of worker rights.
Rabbi Josh Yuter, Shavuot 5768
By Ari Hart, Uri L'Tzedek
Obligations to others in business and interpersonal relationships.
Can we legislate desire? By Seth Aronson, PsyD.
In 2009 JUFJ's Labor on the Bimah program focused on wage theft. This is a sheet of sources on that topic taken from the resource packet.
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