Source Sheet

Sources on mountains and fields
This source sheet will be used for 6th graders to add extra meditation options to their Shacharite Hike prayers.
This is my second attempt at creating a source sheet because the first one would not print.
Still trying to get the formatting correct.
How do we connect to the Sabbath? To nature? How do we find spirituality in a busy world? This discussion is being held outdoors at a Kabbalat Shabbat service for an independant minyan in Cleveland made up of young professionals.
The environment is both a gift and a responsibility; if we do not protect it, who will?
Basic sources addressing reproduction and sexual morality
Three sources explaining Judaism's basic connection to environmentalism.
This source sheet explores Rabbi Troster's ten teachings on Judaism and the environment and seeks to engage students in an in-depth examination of their role in the world.
Some texts about rain and water for our text study session in the Sukkah
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