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Source Sheet

This source sheet intertwines a variety of Jewish texts with a number of domestic workers' bills of rights, highlighting Jewish obligations to face violations against domestic workers. The sources are described so that those without prior Jewish knowledge can clearly follow these sources.
Principles of Wages and Fair Treatment


left to right

While seemingly supporting a minimum wage, Jewish tradition also recognizes the

right to left

Whoever withholds an employee’s wages, it is as though he has taken the person’s life from her. [Translation by Hillel. Edited for gender neutrality]

כל הכובש שכר שכיר כאילו נוטל נפשו ממנו

right to left

When one hires workers where the custom is that they be fed, one is obligated to feed them; where it is that they be served dessert, one must serve them dessert.” [Translation by Uri L’Tzedek. Edited for gender neutrality]

[א] השוכר את הפועלים ואמר להם להשכים ולהעריב מקום שנהגו שלא להשכים ושלא להעריב אינו רשאי לכופן מקום שנהגו לזון יזון לספק במתיקה יספק הכל כמנהג המדינה

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