Women’s Empowerment

Source Sheet

For teens exploring where to put their energy
From the Sources is a teaching resource developed by American Jewish World Service designed to help rabbis and Jewish educators engage in thoughtful text study with students and congregants. The source sheet teaches about human trafficking, sex work, and power through the story of Esther.
While the principle of b'tzelem elohim (in the image of God) makes clear the fundamental equality of women and men, Jewish tradition also recognizes women's unique vulnerabilities and challenges.
Basic sources addressing reproduction and sexual morality
a post-Kiddush discussion, to prepare the community for a service project with the local YWCA.
Several texts to teach at a women's Purim celebration
What is the most effective way to protest? How do we address immoral leadership, objectification of women, etc. assuming collective responsibility?
This source sheet explores Biblical texts relating to women and asks discussion questions aimed at extrapolating the underlying view on women that can be found in the yext.
Women tend to be degraded in society, and put down because of the stereotypical image of the woman staying home while the man is acquiring a living. These following texts share different perspectives on the previous statement.
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