Governance & Leadership

Source Sheet

This source sheet explores the story of Moses convincing God not to destroy the Jewish people, and the gemara's interpretation of his actions.
Refusing to abide by the edicts of immoral leaders, taking an active role in society, etc.
I plan to teach during the first board meeting to teach about community and the importance of leadership.
Lessons from Moses on becoming an effective actor for social change
How do our sacred texts and the holiday of Sukkot inform our work as youth group board members?
Used as a discussion on Rosh Hashanah to encourage a discussion of the concentric circles of Tzedakah.
This text study, created by AJWS staff for Global Hunger Shabbat, uses both Jewish and secular texts to answer questions of our moral imperative to address global hunger.
Lessons from Moses
Sources on warfare and nuclear disarmament.
Am I a community leader? And if I am a community leader, what are my responsibilities to the community?
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