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Offline Source Sheet

The importance of taking a stand against injustice and bearing responsibility for our actions. By Rachel Rosenthal.
What does study have to do with anything? What is expected of us? Do we encourage others to be ethical?
A text study of Judaism and Communism originally presented at the Wexner Graduate Fellowship Summer Institute 2006
An analysis of the humility of Jewish leaders. By Noah Cheses.
By Shmuly Yanklowitz. Uri L'Tzedek Beit Midrash at Ramath Orah, Tishrei 30, 5769 - October 29, 2008.

Source Sheet

From the Sources is designed to facilitate holiday text study around issues of social justice. We invite you to engage in the texts and use them in your community to teach and take action. Use From the Sources to: • Learn with others. Read through this text study together with a friend or a group of friends and discuss the issues it raises. • Enrich your own learning. This resource aims to inspire thought-provoking and challenging perspectives on the holiday texts. • Teach. Invite others to share in this learning. Use it as the basis for a dvar Torah or to motivate action in support of advocacy or tzedakah initiatives in your school, synagogue or Hillel.
How do Jewish sources show our repsonsibility towards the human rights of those around us?
In Process sheet for Sunday morning 6th & 7th grade class
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