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Talya Gillman delivered this d'var to Congregation Beth Shalom (Seattle) on Yom Kippur 2011. It seeks to amplify the message of Isaiah's Haftorah, which asks us to turn our ritualistic fast into action by fighting injustice, cruelty and selfishness in the world. The d'var calls on us to consciously dedicate ourselves to empathy and "activated" compassion.
Talya Gillman gave this d'var to the University of Washington Hillel on Rosh Hashana 2010. In recounting a near-death experience, Talya calls on us to make the upcoming year truly meaningful, by not only asking God for a world deplete of indifference and poverty, but by working towards the creation of that reality ourselves.
In 2011, Parashat shelach fell on refugee week. Here are a few questions from parashat shelach that relate to refugees.
Abraham's legacy of justice.
Leadership challenges in the Torah and the modern world.
Leadership challenges in the Torah and the modern world.
Being a true leader.
Accountability in society.

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Learning from Moshe Rabbeinu to take the initiative and act for the greater good.
Derech Eretz in Torah and Talmudic sources, including practical examples.
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