Labor Rights

Source Sheet

Part two of five text and discussion sheets included within the Jewish Guide to Fairtrade
Texts on fair base wages and the universal responsibility to provide for one another
A few texts about Judaism and Labor
Text sources for Labor Issues for my "What's Jewish about Social Justice" class
This is a source sheet for an adult education course I am teaching on labor rights in Jewish tradition. The idea is to introduce the subject by talking about how the history of the Jewish people in the United States is closely linked with the struggle for workers' rights.
From the Sources is designed by AJWS to facilitate holiday text study around issues of social justice. We invite you to engage in the texts and use them in your community to teach and take action.
From the Sources is a teaching resource developed by American Jewish World Service designed to help rabbis and Jewish educators engage in thoughtful text study with students and congregants. The source sheet teaches about human trafficking, sex work, and power through the story of Esther.
This source sheet intertwines a variety of Jewish texts with a number of domestic workers' bills of rights, highlighting Jewish obligations to face violations against domestic workers. The sources are described so that those without prior Jewish knowledge can clearly follow these sources.
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