Labor Rights

Offline Source Sheet

During Pesach, we celebrate our freedom from slavery in Egypt. In this pack, there are resources and activities on children's rights and slavery.
In 2010 JUFJ's Labor on the Bimah theme was Restaurant Worker Justice. This document contains the texts included in the resource packet.
Labor rights in halachic sources - by Uri L'Tzedek
A packet of the Torah sources behind Uri L'Tzedek's Tav haYosher campaign, which calls for ethical kashrut and the promotion of worker rights.
In 2009 JUFJ's Labor on the Bimah program focused on wage theft. This is a sheet of sources on that topic taken from the resource packet.
A text study complete with guiding questions and homework questions relating to texts that deal with workers and work in Jewish studies
Brandeis Hillel Shmuly Yanklowitz November 2nd, 2008 Cheshvan 4, 5769

Source Sheet

Child labor has been apparent throughout the world for thousands of years, but how does Judaism view this injustice?
This sheet will be used to launch a brainstorming session for people thinking about what a covenant between employers of domestic workers and their employees might look like.
Part four of five text and discussion sheets included within the Jewish Guide to Fairtrade - which can be found in full here.
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