Tikkun Olam

Source Sheet

To whom does Judasm obligate us? How far out of our immediate circle does this take us?
Circles of Obligation
This is a section from Big Green Jewish's Edible Garden Text Study Supplement.
The meaning and extent of our actions towards others
How the growth of the natural world relates to our personal growth and spreading out in the world.
A dynamic approach to understanding why we are responsible to advocate for others, and the results of such work.
This source sheet is based on Hillel's famous teaching in Pirkei Avot 1:13. It is designed to encourage participants to contemplate personal and communal responsibility and explore the limitations of both. It was designed by Hillel and Panim.
As we endeavor to infuse the work our students do with Jewish meaning, and help our students think about the choices they make about this work from a Jewish perspective, we will undoubtedly need to bring them into contact with texts and traditions about the specific areas that they are addressing. Before we enter this level of detail and specificity, we must also understand the framework. This text study is designed to examine some of the Jewish texts and traditions which serve as a call to action and a call to serve in our communities. As you work through these texts take note of the different perspectives present in each one.
How does Judaism view acts of lovingkindness? How are they related to acts of charity?
Used as a discussion on Rosh Hashanah to encourage a discussion of the concentric circles of Tzedakah.
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