Source Sheet

8th grade service trip to New Orleans Shabbat Morning text study Community Garden as service focus for the trip
Text study with 6th & 7th grade families before going to the ARK [] to work for the morning.
Texts in preparation for a visit to work at a food pantry.
From AJWS Education Model, "The Global HIV/AIDS Pandemic"
What do Jewish texts teach us about every Jew's personal responsibility to contribute to their community?
We know how important it is to feed food to those who do not have any, but what else can we/are we feeding them? Taught to the volunteers of the BJ Thursday lunch program.
Is helping another enough? Does it matter what our frame of mind is? Do we really need to respect and protect the dignity of those we assist?
To whom does Judasm obligate us? How far out of our immediate circle does this take us?
Lessons from Moses on becoming an effective actor for social change
How does Judaism view acts of lovingkindness? How are they related to acts of charity?
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