Dvar Torah

There is a midrash, a Rabbinic commentary, about the first winter that Adam and Eve experienced after the Garden of Eden. This ancient tale was a portent of the lights of Hanukkah, a holiday in which we traditionally light candles during the darkest point of winter.
The responsibility of a Jew with regard to social justice.
The seven-week period between Passover and the holiday of Shavuot (which begins the evening of June 7) is called sefirat ha-omer, the “counting of the omer.” I have been overwhelmed during this time of counting by the number of tragic storm reports being received from across the country. May the counting of the days for those affected by this spring’s disasters be as short as possible and may God grant the victims the strength and fortitude to speedily recover.
This Dvar Torah highlights the important connection between names in the book of Shmot and the value of human dignity for all people.
Abraham's legacy of justice.
Shmitta and social justice.
Commitment to pursuing justice.
Setting the foundations for a just society.
The divinity in social justice.
As a former disaster manager turned rabbinical student, I have been thinking much about March’s catastrophic earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the role of God in disasters.
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