Source Sheet

Leasdership with High School Students
Circles of Obligation
As we endeavor to infuse the work our students do with Jewish meaning, and help our students think about the choices they make about this work from a Jewish perspective, we will undoubtedly need to bring them into contact with texts and traditions about the specific areas that they are addressing. Before we enter this level of detail and specificity, we must also understand the framework. This text study is designed to examine some of the Jewish texts and traditions which serve as a call to action and a call to serve in our communities. As you work through these texts take note of the different perspectives present in each one.
This text study, created by AJWS staff for Global Hunger Shabbat, uses both Jewish and secular texts to answer questions of our moral imperative to address global hunger.
How do Jewish sourceview our responsibility towards others?
Pursuing God's ways by taking the initiative to fight for others
How do Jewish texts instruct us to treat those with disabilities?
This text study explores different Jewish texts that reflect the values of environmental justice.
Does Judaism mandate universal health care? Does a Jewish responsibility to heal the sick extend beyond other Jews?
Texts related to the need to learn and understand before taking action, and yet action leads to needing to know more. Also text on why social justice is such a "Jewish" thing to do.
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