Food & Ethics

Source Sheet

This source sheet looks at Torah sources on poverty and specifically feeding the hungry.
An examination of our obligations to feed the poor with an emphasis on the principle of preserving the dignity of those work in the fields and those receiving the aid.
What are Jewish views on food? What is the philosophy behind our relationship with food?
This source sheet explores the connection between food and sacred practice, for bnei mitzvah kids.
What the Torah Says about Food Ethics
for an introduction to the life of the food we eat before it gets to us
How food, the environment, and hunger and poverty are inter-related in the Torah.
Biblical quotes for a module on Food Justice in a Jewish context
This source sheet explores Adam and Eve's connection to the land in Genesis chapter 2 and prompts the participants to examine their own relationships with the environment.
This text study, created by AJWS staff for Global Hunger Shabbat, uses both Jewish and secular texts to answer questions of our moral imperative to address global hunger.
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