Guide to Uploading Divrei Torah

Thank you for contributing a dvar torah to On1Foot! The site is designed to be a collaborative effort in Jewish social justice education and your contributions are greatly appreciated. This guide aims to help you navigate the elements of uploading a dvar torah. If you have further questions, please contact us.

What is a Dvar Torah?

A dvar Torah is an inspirational speech or written message which connects Jewish text to a justice issue. It is generally between 500 and 1000 words long.


Please give your dvar torah a title.


Provide background information that would be helpful to someone studying or teaching this dvar torah. In what context did you originally give or publish this dvar torah? What audience did you intend it for? This information will display on the site but not on the printed version of your dvar.


Please provide the full name of the original author of the dvar torah.


In order for divrei torah to appear in a variety of searches, each dvar torah is tagged with relevant information. Tagging is like putting labels on the dvar torah, or organizing them into sections. The goal is for divrei torah to be clearly connected to the relevant categories and easy to find. We have developed three main tagging areas, each one a likely entry point for a user to search for a dvar torah.

Categories – Categories are designed to be a list of major topics in social justice.  Each dvar torah should be tagged with the categories for which the dvar torah offers insight.  Hold down the Control key to tag your dvar torah with as many categories as make sense for your peice. If you think a category is missing from the list, please email

Parsha and Holiday - Please tag your dvar torah with any parshiot or holidays to which it is connected.

Age level - Age level is designed to help users sort materials by the age groups for which they are appropriate. Please tag your dvar torah with any age groups to whom you think it could be relevant. You can tag to mulitple age groups by holding down the control key.

Keywords - Keywords are an open and continually expanding list of search words. Use this space to type any words or phrases that you think a user might use to search for your dvar torah. You do not need to repeat any words from the Categories section, but can use this area to make searching and finding the right texts easier.


In this box please add any additional information you would like to display on the top of your dvar torah.

Cited Texts

If the dvar torah you are uploading quotes or mentions primary texts, this feature allows the quoted text to be linked to your dvar torah on the site. The database will not be able to detect quoted texts unless you provide this information.. You can only link to a text that already exists in the system. If the texts from your dvar torah are not already in the system but should be, please add them, and link them to your class afterwards.

As you start typing in the window, texts with that content will pop-up (much like the Google search auto-complete feature) and then you can select the correct text. If for example, if your class references a Talmudic passage in Babylonian Talmud, Yoma 8a, begin entering Yoma or 8a and the system will automatically offer texts with those words in the citation.  You can link the class you are uploading to as many already existing texts as is appropriate.


Please paste or type the body of your dvar torah here.