Women tend to be degraded in society, and put down because of the stereotypical image of the woman staying home while the man is acquiring a living. These following texts share different perspectives on the previous statement.
A text study on women and philanthropy originally presented at the Wexner Graduate Fellowship Summer Institute 2006
Women's empowerment according to Jewish texts
What roles did women play in the Bible? How does this fit in with a modern view of women?
The idea that human beings are created in God's image is the essential starting point for the notion of human dignity. The first articulation of this principle in Jewish literature makes it very clear that this intrinsic dignity is shared equally by women and men.
In the Torah's description of the revelation at Sinai -- the defining moment within the Jewish tradition -- women are excluded. How do we reconcile our identity as a women with our identity as a Jew?
A text study complete with guiding questions and homework questions relating to texts that deal with workers and work in Jewish studies