What does it mean to love someone as yourself?
In many Jewish sources there is evidence that cruelty towards animals in not acceptable. The selected texts show that there are rules to ensure that animals are treated properly.
For Justice class, to aid a Jewishly informed movement against bullying
This source sheet explores a Mishna in Pirkei Avot and the benefits of (constructive) disagreement.
A text study on the interpretation of the phrase "B'chol Meodecha" as describing loving God with your money, and an exploration of what that means. Originally presented at the Wexner Graduate Fellowship Summer Institute 2006
The following texts speak to the meaning of being created in God's image. How do these texts apply to teens that are being bullied, or teens who feel that they fall short of expectations, or people with disabilities. Try and draw a link between these texts and your tzedakkah project topic.
Source sheet on the prohibition against waste, posted as part of Jewcology’s “Year of Jewish Learning on the Environment,” in partnership with Canfei Nesharim. Learn more at
These texts are going to be the basis for a discussion in a seventh and eighth grade Jewish ethics class.
Some introductory texts that help frame some of the principle questions about our approach to Jewish Social Action.
When we work to create a socially just society, how do we balance our own needs with those of others? How do we balance the needs of different individuals or groups? Are there considerations for who should be given preference?