These 10 texts will change your life! This text study, developed for Selichote 2014 at Temple Israel in West Bloomfield, Michigan, will teach us all to help others in order to help ourselves. These texts come from a wide range of Jewish tradition and are accessible by all ages.
Read through the quotations with your grownup and pick your favorite. What does the text mean? Does it relate to modern day social justice issues? Does your text inspire you to get involved? Does that text give you advice on how you should get involved/what you should do to help?
This text study explores different Jewish texts that reflect the values of environmental justice.
8th grade service trip to New Orleans Shabbat Morning text study Community Garden as service focus for the trip
Our Social Responsibility to Advocate for Others
Two short texts that help frame a conversation about the remit of our responsibility.
A holistic discussion on food justice. What wisdom does our Jewish heritage provide as guidance for this vital element of humanity? Come learn about food justice issues pertinent to our Southern Arizona region and lessons for the U.S. on a national level.
How do we treat and regard nature?